Tom-Lanoye-BelgiumThe prolific, multitalented, and influential Tom Lanoye was born in Sint-Niklaas, Northern Belgium in 1958. Lanoye, who is highly regarded for both his poetry and theatre work, started his career as a performer in cafés and as the publisher of his own poems. He has since become one of the most well-known Flemish writers. Lanoye's novels, poems, and shows are typified by his strong rhetorical ability and his sharp sense of humour. His breakthrough came with A Butcher's Son with Glasses (1985) ( Een slagerszoon met een brilletje), a collection of stories with grotesque and autobiographical elements. The highlights of Lanoye's impressive oeuvre include Cardboard Boxes (Kartonnen dozen), a novel about youthful homosexual love, the Monster Trilogy, described as ” the ultimate novel on the disintegrating kingdom of Belgium ” (1997/1999/2002), the voluminous play To War! (Ten oorlog!) , based on Shakespeare's History Plays, No One's Land ( Niemands Land) , his translation of the British war poets, the play Mefisto for Ever and his recent novel The Third Marriage (2006) (Het derde huwelijk). His play Mamma Medea, an adaptation of Euripides' classic, has been translated into Afrikaans; an endeavour that articulates Lanoye's fascination with the themes of language and multiculturalism. In 2003, Lanoye became the first official poet of the city of Antwerp, a posting that was greeted with much public approval. A film was made of his novel Everything Must Go (Alles moet weg). Lanoye recently toured Holland with Antjie Krog, in a dynamic two-hander focusing on language linkages, which received excellent reviews. 

Selected Bilbliography


Niemands Land (2002)

Hanestaart (1990)

Bagger (1984)

In de piste (1984)

Short Stories/Novels

Het derde huwelijk (2006)

Boze tongen (2002)

Zwarte tranen (1999)

Het goddelijke monster (1997)

Spek en bonen (1994)

Kartonnen dozen (1991)

Alles moet weg (1988)

Een slagerszoon met een brilletje (1985)


Mefisto for Ever (2006)

De Jossen - Val en revival de saamhorigheid (2005)

Fort Europa (2005)

Mamma Medea (naar Euripides en Apollonios van Rhodos) (2001)

Ten oorlog (naar The Wars of the Roses van Shakespeare) (1997)

Onweer in de tropen (1994)

De schoonheid van een total loss (bundelt 3 stukken: Blankenberge/Bij Jules en Alice/Celibaat) (1993)

Komieken (naar Comedians van T. Griffiths) (1991)

De Canadese muur (1989) (met H. Brusselmans)