Aminata-Sow-Fall-SenegalAminata Sow Fall was born in Senegal in 1941. She studied Literature at the Sorbonne and thereafter worked as a French high school teacher in Dakar. Sow Fall has written numerous works, including the popular La Grève des Bàttu ( The Beggar's Strike ), which tells the story of the banishment of beggars from Dakar and their protest against the implementation of almsgiving laws. The book has been translated into eleven languages and was adapted for stage and screen in Africa and Europe . In 1986, Sow Fall wroteL'Appel des Arenas (The Call of the Wrestling Arenas), a story of family conflict which was also made into a film. In this and most of her writings, Sow Fall critically explores social issues such as the greed of the post-colonial elite and the preservation of traditional culture amidst rapid Western assimilation. The same is true for her latest novel, 2005's Festins de Détresse (Feasts of Anguish).


Sow Fall's writing has been praised as “universal - compelling, deceptively simple explorations not just of what sustains Africans amid poverty, wars and despots, but of what makes any of us human.” A literary activist of note, Sow Fall was named the first woman president of Senegal 's Writer's Association in 1985. She is also the director of, amongst others, the Centre Africain d'Animation et d'Echanges Culturels and Khoudia publishing house in Dakar which jointly develop and promote young writers. She has received significant prizes such as the Grand Prix L ittéraire d'Afrique and the Prix International Alioune Diop. She has also been awarded an honorary doctorate by Mount Holyoke College in South Hadley, Massachussetts. Sow Fall is a mother of four.



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