Kirsten Miller

Kirsten Miller was born in Port Elizabeth in 1970. She has lived in Johannesburg, London and Cape Town, and currently in Durban. Her first novel, All is Fish, was shortlisted for the EU/Jacana Literary Award in 2005 and published by Jacana two years later. Her autobiographical account of her early experiences in the field of autism, Children on the Bridge – A Story of Autism in South Africa, was published in 2006, also by Jacana. She has published short stories in six collections, a short play, a children’s book, and was a finalist in the SA PEN Literary Award three times. Her second novel, Sister Moon, was published by Umuzi in May 2014. Miller has studied English and Anthropology, and obtained an Honours degree (cum laude) in Drama in Education and Community Theatre in 1993. She recently completed her MA in Creative Writing at UKZN, looking at Autism and representation in literature. Miller held a dual career of freelance writing and early intervention for many years. She also worked as a Drama lecturer, a creativity lecturer and a dolphin trainer early in her career, and has participated in solo and group art exhibitions in Johannesburg. Since 2014, Miller has worked as a manager at an early intervention centre for autism.

Twitter: @kirstencreate


Children on the Bridge – A Story of Autism in South Africa, 2006, Jacana
All is Fish, 2007, Jacana
Sister Moon, 2014, Umuzi