koulsy-lamkoKoulsy Lamko was born in 1959 in Chad, was exiled from his country in 1983. A playwright, poet, writer of short stories and tales, and author of several screenplays, Koulsy Lamko is also a cultural entrepreneur and actor. Winner of numerous prizes for his plays and short stories, more than ten of which have been published, Koulsy's works have been performed by theatre companies in Africa, Europe and Canada. Koulsy founded the Kaleido Culture Project, a cultural coordinating agency, based in Burkina Faso, and in this capacity led numerous playwriting workshops and chaired conferences in both Europe and throughout Africa.

In his approach to art, he believes in using "cultural artefacts" as a tool for raising one's artistic consciousness, a method he uses as both an educational strategy and as a means to create an awareness of social problems. For ten years Koulsy contributed to the promotion of community theatre in urban and rural neighbourhoods in Burkina Faso and was a founder of the International Festival of Theatre for Development. Lamko produced a CD album in 1997 of mixed poetry and music entitled Bir Ki Mbo, in collaboration with Stéphane Scott and Rémi Stengel as a tribute to Thomas Sankara. Other poetry works have been published in Revue Noire in 1994 and La Phalène des collines in 2000. Koulsy Lamko is currently Director of the University Centre for Arts and Drama in Butare and teaches Creative Writing and the Performing Arts at the National University of Rwanda where he is reading for his doctoral thesis, which focuses on emerging theatrical aesthetics in Africa.