ana-paula-tavaresAna Paula Ribeiro Tavares was born in Lubango, province of the Huíla, Angola, in 1952. After teaching for several years in Angola and researching the History of Angola, Tavares traveled to Lisbon to study for her Masters in African Literatures in the Portuguese Language, followed by her Doctorate in History of Africa. Ana Paula Tavares has been Director of Development at the Rainforest Alliance since May of 2000.

Prior to this she was a founding partner at New Frontiers Group, a financial services group in São Paulo, Brazil, that promotes investment funds for bio- diversity, sustainable forestry, sustainable exploration of genetic resources, carbon sequestration and renewable energy, Tavares was also the Director of Science Development at the New York Botanical Garden where she raised funds for the organizations Science Division.

Previously, she spent nine years in Membership, Development and Special Projects at the Martha Graham Center of Contemporary Dance. She holds a BFA from Marymount Manhattan College in New York. Tavares is currently employed by the State Secretary for Culture, and is a member of the Union of Angolan Writers, the Angolan Comité of the International Advice of Museus, the Angolan Association of Ambiente, and the Angolan Commission of UNESCO.

Ana Paula is one of the most important feminine voices in Angolan poetry in this present time. Her poetry has been influenced by the work of three Angolan poets, Davi Master, Arlindo Barbeitos and Rui Duarte de Carvalho, and the Brazilian poets Bandeira and Drummond. She writes of Angolan traditions and languages, love and war, sadness and Women. Her latest book, Idizes-me Coisas Amargas Como Os Frutos (You say to me bitter things like fruits) is still to be published.



Rites of Ticket, 1983,
Luanda: UEA The Blood of the Bougainvillea (chronicles), 1998,
Beach The Lake of the Moon, 1999, Lisbon: Way